Audit of Statutory Urgent Treatment at a High Security Hospital

Andy Bickle, Tarek Abdelrazek, Anne Aboaja, Kim Page


The aim of the audit which is the subject of this article was to measure the use of statutory urgent treatment at one of England’s three high security hospitals (Rampton Hospital) against the standards set out in the Code of Practice (2008) and by the Mental Health Act Commission. Rampton Hospital is a large hospital which averaged around 400 beds during the audit period and has a catchment area of approximately one third of England. The hospital accommodates patients who suffer from a wide range of mental disorders, having directorates for mental illness, learning disability, personality disorder, women and (from 2004) ‘Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder’. All patients are detained under the Mental Health Act 1983. It was submitted that the proper use of statutory urgent treatment is important to Rampton Hospital as an institution which accommodates patients presenting with the highest security needs owing to their risk to others.

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