Alternative Perceptions of Statutory Community Aftercare: Patient and Responsible Medical Officer Views

Sharon Riordan, Helen Smith, Martin Humphreys


The need for more effective means of caring for mentally disordered individuals in the community has been given a prominent place by the Department of Health. The inclusion of user perspectives in mental health care research, to inform and improve the development of services, has also been given a high priority and the necessity of incorporating patients’ and carers’ views has been recognised by the Department of Health in the National Service Framework for Mental Health published in 1999. Studies incorporating both the service user and professional viewpoints of statutory community care have been relatively sparse. This study, looking at the process of conditional discharge of restricted hospital order patients sought the views on the benefits, deficits and recommendations for change from those people providing and receiving statutory community aftercare. The findings may assist in any future review of the Mental Health Act, policy development and in the planning and delivery of psychiatric services to other groups of severely mentally ill people.

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