Journal History

Northumbria University School of Law currently publishes the International Journal of Clinical Legal Education bi-annually. This is the only international peer reviewed law journal devoted to the innovative field of clinical legal education. There is a well-established editorial board made up of highly experienced members from the clinical legal education community worldwide.  This journal has organised an annual international legal education conference for the past 10 years which has been hosted in South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, England and Spain. Delegates from more than 50 countries have participated in these conferences. Papers from these annual conferences together with submissions from clinicians worldwide provide highly relevant and topical material for what has over the last decade become a respected resource in the field of clinical legal education.  There is an opportunity now to take stock of the work in the field and to move forward with a more structured exploration of clinical legal education.

We intend that by moving the journal online, we will secure an increased profile and readership for the journal, lending more impact both for individual papers and for the CLE work more broadly.  It will also allow us to have a more streamlined and transparent review process and easy access to our archive. Finally the move online gives us the opportunity to change the format of the journal, by using multi-media content and by publishing more frequently with themed issues.