Clinical Legal Education Conference: Quality & Supervision

Andy Unger, Alan Russell


This conference principally explores the aims of supervision and the role of the supervisor in University Law Clinics.

Jonny Hall, Associate Dean for Learning & Teaching, Northumbria Law School, will give a keynote speech on the qualities and responsibilities.

We have invited student law clinic volunteers from Manchester, Huddersfield, Strathclyde and LSBU to give 10 minute presentations on their personal reasons for working in a law clinic.

In the main panel discussion, chaired by Professor Elaine Hall, Professor of Legal Education Research, Northumbria Law School, representatives from University Law Clinics at Strathclyde, Kent, Northumbria, London South Bank and the Norwegian, student-led Jussbuss will lead a discussion on how much supervision of law clinic student volunteers is required, by who and for what purpose(s). The perspective of clients, students, supervisors and host institutions will be considered.

The final session, led by Andy Unger, Associate Professor and Head of the Law Division, LSBU School of Law & Social Sciences, will discuss the threats and opportunities facing university law clinics in the light of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s training for tomorrow consultation proposals.

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