CfP Volume 2 Issue 1


By chance rather than design, we launched the first issue of JCCHE in the midst of a global pandemic and unprecedented lockdowns which were generating all manner of economic, environmental, technological, and ethical issues for governments, policymakers, criminal justice agencies and, of course, the general public. Therefore, when preparing our first call for papers, the theme of The Longest Year’  seemed to fall into our laps.  

But while the journal was born in the context of a very particular crisis, the rationale for its establishment was rooted in the observation that, as a society confronted with problems and crises of genuine historic significance, we live in a state of almost normalised crisis. Some of the problems we face are, comparatively speaking, new and without much precedent. Complex human societies have never had to tackle the problem of global climate change, for instance. Some are long-standing problems, but in both cause and form are distinct from their earlier parallels. The extreme gaps between rich and poor; issues of political populism and prejudice; the power exerted by financial elites; mutating global criminal markets; and the deep ethical and cultural discord that cuts through contemporary society. While familiar, nor are they merely reincarnations and continuations of the problems of yesteryear. They require innovative theorisation and original research to provide accurate accounts and explanations of the world as it exists right now.

Therefore, this is a non-thematic call for papers for the second issue of the Journal of Contemporary Crime, Harm, and Ethics. Feel free to submit full-length articles, short theoretical essays, polemical pieces or book reviews on any contemporary issue related to crime, harm, or ethics. We welcome submissions written from the perspective of criminology, zemiology, sociology, anthropology, moral and political philosophy, critical theory, and the humanities broadly. 

Interested contributors are invited to email the journal editor-in-chief, Thomas Raymen, at to discuss their proposed submission. Deadline for full submissions will be 29th April 2022 and should be submitted via the ‘Make a New Submission’ link which can be found via the ‘Submission’ tab at the top of journal webpage.